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Desert Oasis

Interactive Virtual walk-through

Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine Blueprint

Re-visualization and redesign of an undergrad interior project "Interior Garden". The project aims to explore Virtual Reality as a tool for architectural visualization.


VR production


Content and VR Designer


Unreal Engine Blueprint





Project Developments

desert oasis_Page_2.jpg

Design of the Interior

The dwelling grows out from the sand facing the precious oasis in a desert. The sharp edges of the architecture, the repetition of the geometry clashes with the organic flow of the surrounding nature: the palms trees, the sand dune, and the lake.

desert oasis_Page_6.jpg

3D modeling

Models were built in 3D software including SketchUp and Rhino.

Architectural Visualization & VR Development in Unreal Engine

The goal is to use VR as a medium/tool to explore a more efficient and effective way of delivering and presenting an architectural design project.

  • Foliage

  • PBR material

  • Character animation

  • Interaction design blueprint

  • Architectural visualization

"Render ghost" Experiment

Inspired by "The Render Ghost", the project explores digital avatar in the context of architectural visualization, challenging the boundary between the physical world and digital content. My very own digital avatar was edited into the architectural rendering space and filmed with alternative worlds that are chaotically overlaid.

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