• Elvin Ou


An audio project that is to create a sound walk of walking through part of the Tisch building by using different tools: zoom recorder, binaural mic, Audition etc.


Continuing the sound walk project from last week, my team spent most of the time focusing on using binaural recording to help create a narrative.

During the process of figuring out the binaural recording, we came up with more questions about how to make the binaural recording effective to depict the feeling our narrative is trying to create and also how to not let it overpower the actual narrative. Lot of changes were made after we created our first draft for the soundtrack and had multiple other people testing it out. The biggest problem that we had from the testing was the clarity of the whisper and the control of audience's pacing, so we spent more time just going over the recording through the space to actually make every break correctly respond to the actual space.

From there, we tried to retake some of the recording from different space to see the different clarity we could get, compare them and edit them out in Audition and also tried different ways of reducing the noise. It was definitely a lot of back and forth trying to make it right.

Eventually, we finalized the sound editing and created a map that response to the pause and the atmosphere that the narrative depicts.

sound walk link: https://soundcloud.com/elvin-ou-110040295/soundwalksukanyaelvin