• Elvin Ou

Week 6&7- "The Daily Object"

Updated: May 13, 2019

An exploration in soft materials:

Thoughts and making process:

At the beginning of the final proposal, I was very stuck with the idea of "I need to make something with silicone actuators" until I realized what actually interests me. Having an interior architecture background, I have been associated with materials a lot, both soft and hard, but in a larger spatial scale.

Different materials are selected purposefully to meet the needs of a space so that users would have potentially the best experience the space could offer. There was always a lack of awareness for the users to actually notice the materials that were created and designed for specific spaces and functions. This project is to reveal the relationship between materials and daily life and bring the awareness of what people have never noticed.

From that, I decided to create a series of daily objects with silicone molding. This series of daily objects are tools that help human in their everyday life, such as toothbrush, hair comb etc. I wanted to make these objects as "realistic" as possible so that when I present them, there was an expectation and then a surprise. To deliver my idea more clearly, I decided to film a little sequence of people actually using those objects.