• Elvin Ou

Week 3- Exploring more with Max

Updated: Feb 21, 2019


Continuing in exploration with Max, I have made some interesting attempts of creating my video playback system. After last week's class, I have picked up more of what Max does and thought I was ready to make some cool stuff. The two objects that I really enjoyed playing around with were "absdiff", "xfade" and all the positioning/scaling , which kind of led to the following videos that I recorded.

This video was mostly alternating the "absdiff" with a bit of xfade. Honestly tho, I have no idea how or why the video performed like this with the change of these two values, but I really enjoyed the look of it.

This video was mostly alternating the "xfade" and the positioning messages so that it is creating this ghosty look to it.

This video was mostly alternating the "positioning and scaling". Again, honestly speaking, I don't think I really understood how those values worked together to create this performance. However I really really like the texture of this video and how it feels "alive". Playing with Max is mostly an experience of creating beautiful accidents so far.. I will look at the helps/ reference more to actually figure out what exactly it is happening.