• Elvin Ou

Week 1- Exploring with videos.

I have always been a huge fan of light and shadows in terms of photography and videography so I started my exploration from looking for special lighting moments.

Here are some shots I really enjoyed during this exploration:

1. This video is taken during the "golden" hour and I just found the quality of the light is so tranquil and quiet. Even though the lighting contrast is fairly strong, the softness of the light is still being shown thoroughly.

2. Another video taken during the "golden" hour with indirect light shining on a mobile sculpture I made. The light quality in this one is even softer because the room is north facing the light is being reflected from the other building across the street. Again the slow and subtle movement of the object, the shadow and the layers is giving this video such a beautiful sense of tranquility.

3. This video I moved away from direct light and shadow situation and shot it in a very diffused lighting environment. Even though the repetition of the patterns and objects might seem a lot, the diffused light and the subtle movement of the lanterns are actually somehow still giving the space a very calm mood.

4. For this video, I wanted to move away from my comfort zone and trying to shoot a video in a space where it has very strong contrast of light. It was shot in a tunnel during the rush hour, front shot, flat, one point perspective. The part that interests me the most is the red car light being reflected all around onto the bricks in the tunnel. Somehow the color red became so dominant in this high contrast space that it makes you feel like everything else is almost in mono tone.

5. After taking so many front and flat shots, I decided to do couple more videos playing around with perspectives. I started putting cameras as the the perspective of my forehead looking upfront, my hands looking down on the side , my knee looking down, my hair looking up to the sky and captured a series of videos that look somehow familiar but at the same time strange.