• Elvin Ou

Week 2- Exploring more with Max

Continuing from last class, We have been introduced some of the fundamental objects and system of how Max is structured. For this assignment i decided first to follow the way the class was instructed and go through Jitter's, movies and all that again to just make sure I actually understand what is going on since I am very slow .. and new to this.

First, I was basically trying out and trying to understand the elements that construct a video: metro, video source, video play/stop, rate, frame count and all that. The most confusing part of this would be the order of how all the objects are executed. It was also difficult to understand the objects by its literal meaning "rate" or "metro 1000" until I kind of played around with the number inputs and actually saw what different it made.

After knowing what constructs a video systematically, I then trying to understand how a video is represented in Max through pixels or Planes ARGB. Following the instruction step by step definitely helped me understand what changing ARGB would do comparably and individually. However the most confusing part of this exercise was the concept of jit.matrix. I still don't quite get it to be honest..

From there I started playing around with pixels as instructed and slowly figuring out what the manipulation of those objects and numbers would do to the output of a video/videos.

As for the assignment of building my own video playback system in anticipation of my solo video performance, I am completely lost since I still am not sure what a video playback system is, and how live performance is being applied in this even after checking all the samples on github.

Here are my attempts: