• Elvin Ou

Use Unreal Engine to visualize architecture

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Since the beginning of the semester, I have been learning bits and parts of Unity and Unreal Engine. For the coming creative practice, I guess I won't have much writing/blogging and instead I will show images, videos, screenshot of the project I work on and questions I have. (It is going to be a lot of "making"). For this week, I decided on visualizing one of my undergrad project in Unreal Engine for the creative practice and the next step might be learning how to animate in Unreal to switch lights, slide doors and open windows etc.

I have watched countless amount of youtube tutorials for the past week that relates to architectural visualization in Unreal Engine and I have realized that there is SOOOO MUCH to learn. For this week, I was able to pick up the basic idea of PBR( Physically based rendering ) material/texture and the concept of lightmass, uv map etc. I definitely wonder if I can get some help with the right resource for learning Photorealistic Lighting Unreal Engine since It has been really difficult to find a good one that explains well.

Anyways here are some results: