• Elvin Ou

Use Unreal Engine to visualize Architecture part 2

For this week's creative post, I continued exploring some different ways of alternating lighting , basic avatar animation, sculpt nature scenery, foliage creation and slowly picking up some functional animation.

Basica avatar animation:

For this part I used my 3D scanned model as the avatar and followed the tutorials, using wrap3D to natch a base mesh, bringing it to mixamo, bring the animation to Unreal and then figure out how animation works, the blending between them, the rigging structure.

Sculpt nature scenery and foliage creation

This was so difficult in the way that the tool was so flexible and it really depends on skills of how to make it look like real nature and I did no do a great job first.. It basically gives you a paint tool to sculpture a base mesh for the nature scene and then you can attack blended material on to the mesh to represent sand, forest, grass etc. The foliage tool is a way to bring in models of trees or any other model to paint/populate them in a way that looks like it is random so that it looks more natural

I will post a more complete animation part (door opening, light switch, changing material etc )and learn how to do interactive interface in Unreal for next week