• Elvin Ou

Use Unreal Engine to experience spatial sound

I have been having extreme bad luck of getting a new computer, which has been a major difficulty in trying to experiment with modeling and playing around in unity. From there, I decided to give a chance to other modeling program and game engine a try to learn more about model making and spatial sound in digital space.

The tutorial I have watched and followed is Cinema 4D Tutorial Livestream - Modeling, Rigging, and Texturing a Cartoon Heart Character

From this tutorial, I have learned how to model soft edged shapes and characters and eventually developed my character in this creative practice and modeled it and the world the character lives in: Mushroom fairies whispering in a crystalized world that looks like a giant hand.

After the modeling part in cinema 4D, I have imported them into the Unreal Engine and started my journey in spatializing sound in digital space.

The tutorial I have watched and followed is:

UE4 Tutorial: Local Volumetric Fog and Unreal Engine 4 Emissive Material

With these two tutorials and some other basic tutorials of how to navigate in Unreal, I was able to create my first game world:

After having the world, it is time for the sound to come in. UE4 - Tutorial - Music and Sound!

Since I have not figured out how to record first person perspective in Unreal, here is a glitchy screen recording of what I made: