• Elvin Ou

Thoughts on final project

After the midterm presentation, I have seen so many fun and inspiring projects that used different sensors and mechanism. From there I kind of started developing ideas of what I might be able to do and also what I want to do for the final project, here are some ideas:

1.A spinning device that the speed of the rotation is controlled by some sort of distance sensor.

The initial idea is to experience and explore the idea of "balancing", where the device is going to be a suspended mobile sculpture with strings and dried leaf that I made. Adding on a spinning device onto the top of the string that is constantly moving with a slow speed will rotate the sculpture in a very settle way.

When the device is being approached by users, the sensor will make the speed of the spinning faster and faster until the point where the sculpture is sitting almost still because the rotation is too fast that it cannot carry the sculpture's weight. When the users walk away from the device, the spinning speed goes down, the the sculpture will slowly return to its original rotation state.(At least that is what I think it would do as I illustrated lol)

2. Continuing the idea of suspended mobile, this device is a suspended pendant lighting grid that is connected with a pulling system controlled by distant sensor or some sorts.

A base panel embedded with the pulling mechanism is attached onto the ceiling, having strings of lights suspended below in a grid. When the users approach the device standing below, the sensor will receive data and communicate to the mechanism to mirror the volume of the solid and void below. This is quite ambitious, and it get's more ambitious...

3.From the second idea of suspended strings of lights in a grid, this device is similar doing the same pull and push but being attached onto a wall.

A grid of rods are places within their cells, the distant sensor or some sorts will receive data and communicate with the mechanism behind. The rods will be pulled and pushed to mirror volume of solid and void.

4. Last but not the least. Inspired by the team who made the skull with eyes following the users, I thought of this idea of creating a panel of mirror lined up one by one and they will follow the users just like what the skull did.

This idea is actually the one among all the ideas that I think is possible to make. The mirrors are attached with rods individually as an axis controlled by motors that rotates them. The rotating angel of the motor will be an output from the camera receiving data.