• Elvin Ou

Subtraction 5- CNC Joinery

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Joinery making for the final CNC piece

Final joinery:

Mid-process Images:

For the final CNC project I wanted to design and create a wood piece that is functional so that I decided on making a end table. The process started with finding the right wood that I wanted and what wood is available and the wood that I finally ordered is a 3/4" thick plywood. From there, I started sketching out my initial ideas of how the table looks and started designing and revising it.

From there 3d model, I get the plan and elevational drawing out in cad and started trying out cutting smaller portion of the piece to test on tolerance of the CNC on my wood.

After cutting out the first try of each part of the joinery, i started changing and testing the tolerance and after three tries I finally got the right measurement .