• Elvin Ou

Subtraction 4- CNC Router

It was such a journey.

Following the instruction discussed in class, I really thought it was pretty straight-forward getting the file from computer to Cam to CNC and of course it never is. After attempting to cut that OP art that I have been wanting to cut but was not able to because of the limitation of the othermill/ drill bits that I had. I finally thought I had the chance to cut it so here we go taking the cad file from vectorwork in my computer into CAM. At first, nothing showed up, I tried everything, zooming, reloading, refreshing etc until my peers were suggesting that I should use Illustrator instead. From there, I finally was able to import the file into CAM to edit. But then, something else happened, the file is so messed up with this weird mesh.

I spent quiet a while trying to remove them, reimport them, re-edit in illustrator, re-edit in vector work and eventually nothing worked out and I knew I need to drop this and move on. So I did, when I was trying to think of another idea to cut, Anna and her friend were also working on the same assignment so we ended up trying to figure out the CAM part together.

When were doing the contouring and pocketing (some random error kept happening, so we had to do it over and over again), the last version had everything right but the outside cut of the wheel has this weird little leg that we had no idea why or how it happened. Eventually they decided to just go along with this since it does not affect their design.

From there, I went back and started doing my new design and created drawing that I wanted to cut. Taking the drawing into the CAM this time was surprisingly smooth everything went through right away and then moved on the CNC.

Obviously the machine was not gonna let me easily finish my job and the positioning of the location was so messed up. The X was not working and then the Y was being weird and then the whole computer just kind of stuck.

It really took me such a long time to finally put the bit in and set the zero up. Finally I was ready to go and was so happy that my job only takes 23 seconds, which turned to be 23 minutes :(

Honestly tho, I was happy that at least my stuff was cut the way I wanted it to be.

(The offset of the design is intentional, not a mistake)