• Elvin Ou

Subtraction 1- Router

The goal of this skill builder is to become experienced using the router in conjunction with jigs and guides.  Many shapes can be made using simple straight edges and DIY made jigs.

Final product:

Image of raw material:

- wood block

- clock motor

Mid-process Images:

The project started with me thinking about what I can do with the tool that most of the other hand tools cannot do. From there, combining my ongoing interest in making clocks, I decided to use router to cut out some numbers on a piece of wood to be the clock body.

Following the instruction, putting on all the mask and safety glasses, I started with removing the existing router bit and replaced it with a 1/4 bit since my initial design required thinner cuts. Then I screwed down the round wood panel in the center to make it a spinning wheel so that it was flexible but at the same time stable enough for me to work with. (I am not sure this was the right way to do it...)

From there, the process was pretty straight forward, the freehand was pretty scary to be honest. However I think it turned out to be fine. After using the router for the cuts, I used the drill press for the center hole and then sanded the rough edges and assembled the clock.