• Elvin Ou

Storytelling through audio

Mostly inspired by Chimamanda Adichie's TED Talk: The danger of a single story, I decided to not only use my voice, but also the voice of the others to tell story about me. At the beginning of the process I was spending most of my time trying to figure out what the context or the story for this audio should be. People have lots of different perspectives and understanding of everything, sometimes they share that difference sometimes they don't. I needed to find a story that is less objective, a story that is a fact but being reimagined through the lens of different experiences, relationships etc. Eventually I decided on having a discussion of my story of me having my dog Mellow. In terms of the participants, I have asked many different roles relatively to me, a colleague, a friend, a best friend etc.

Before I started collecting everyone's response to my question "How do you think it feels like for Elvin to have Mellow in his life", I have realized how different people have interpreted this question. I was then even more surprised at how people take this pretty seriously and was talking about how Mellow is making me a more empathetic, loving, and blah blah blah person. I honestly expected this to be more light-weighted and more happy like they would just say that Mellow is making Elvin's life happy.

From there I have realized that when I first created the question, I already had my own interpretation of the questions and had my own subjective expectation of what the answers would be. I started it out with imaging my own story, Event hough I was trying to do the exact opposite to hear other people's perspective. In addition, the experience of putting the memos together and edit them was quite fun too. It was pretty difficult to control the pace of the audio to let audience engage, I hope I did not do that bad of a job.