• Elvin Ou


Touch: A promotional film.

The storyboarding started with a group meeting of the members discussing with each other about all the different examples we have watched. From there, we kind of wanted to create and define a narrative upon on a general feeling first, and that is "quite and settle". We were thinking about a film that is not loud itself, but loud as in the impact and the "shock" the settledness will lead to eventually when it hits the peak of the narrative.

From there we did the brainstorming process and eventually agreed on this idea of creating a commercial film for this "dating" app and started thinking about the narrative and how we want the idea to be executed.

To be able to complete the film, we will need to all lot of preparation:

- create a fake dating interface

- create a fake company with logo and slogan

-pick a right location for shooting the scene

-pick actors/actresses



We have come up with a space for the scene, a name for the company and a logo so far:

We want to make it as future-like possible where the scene takes place.

The company (undecided) we were imaging were necessarily a dating app company more a "connecting"app.