• Elvin Ou

Narrative / Objects

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

In response to City Reliquary Museum trip, I have created a narrative piece based on my personal objects.

In terms of the trip, the guy was amazing, the space was amazing and the objects were amazing. It was a beautiful experience to see and go through this space with a truly collective narrative.

Having a background in Interior Architecture, I have always been fond of the collective experience of what objects could bring to a space, the function, the texture, the color, the mood, the memory. It was extremely intriguing for me to see a space to contain such big amount of information and context from such a big amount of individuals.

I have always believed in objects in the way that they make a space more than just a physical space. After putting a painting or a frame onto the wall, there will be nails left; after a plant being put in a corner of the room, the wooden floor around always had some different tinted color because of the watering of the plant; objects contains context and leaves context to the space.

The other aspect that I was inspired is the segmental part of the museum. The idea of using pieces and pieces of clues and traces to construct and complete a fully fruitful narrative. The narrative in the museum literally contains all kinds of mediums from different sources.

To kind of give another aspect of how I relate to this trip, I have some photos of a very specific kind of objects that I collect and place in my apartment as a partial narrative of me.

2019.02.14 I bought myself a rose

2019.01.30 I put a bouquet together to pick up my family from the airport after without seeing them for a year

2019.01.03 The day when my dog had a really bad allergy and I was worried sick

2018.12.29 The day my friend came to help me build furniture

2018.12.28 The day I moved out and I ripped a piece of leaf from the houseplant at my old apartment

2018.12.25 Christmas dinner

2018.11.30 My birthday

2018.10.28 From a guy

2018.10.05 Just another day

2018.09.28 My best friend told me I could use some color in my apartment

2018 summer