• Elvin Ou

Creating a promotional film: Touch

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

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After the storyboard, the project continued with collecting footages and editing them in premiere. My team had an amazing time and also difficult time trying to shoot the footages for the film.

Shooting challenges:

1. Finding outside cast for the characters. (my team decided to choose actors/actresses from outside of Tisch to make the film more objective)

2. Finding a location where the scene can be shot to indicate the "future" world that we wanted.

3. Technical problems. When filming, because of the changing light and temperature of the environment, the camera sensor could not pick the correct balance, which caused some overexposure in some of the footages.

4.Continuity of the footages. It was extremely difficult to think of and pick the angle, the composition, the light to make all the cuts continuous in a way that it shows the "instant" idea of the product(dating app). It also took quite a lot of time trying to put the "actual device" on the actress, and the revealing of it.

5. Audio/ ambient sound. The original idea was not having any voice over or any type of sound effect for the film. When we were shooting the footages, we still did record some of the audios we think that might need or can be edited into the sequence.

In short, it was super fun working with the team. During the process, each of us were exchanging ideas of what would be a better way or the best way to present a scene and how to put them together as a sequence. I think we all had so much fun and exploration in filming.

Editing challenges:

1. Narrative continuity

Even though we initially already thought about the continuity of the film that we think we had a good amount of footages for us to edit, the actual making of the edits was not as easy. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out the right in and out cuts, the right type of transitions depending on the duration, the atmosphere and the context of the scene.

2. Visual continuity

As in the visual presentation of the film, the color temperature, the composition, the saturation, the vibrance and all the elements that ties together to make the film visually continuous. We were playing around with the saturation and temperature trying to somehow embed that into the narrative to make film more self-explanatory.

3.Duration of each clips.

Since our narrative is not too complex, most of the footages we had were different angles of the same scene throughout the sequence. It somehow makes the film editing quite redundant when we were trying to put them all in, so we spent lots of time to decided what footages should actually be selected and edited into the film according to each frames' significance to explaining the narrative.