• Elvin Ou

Light as Art 02-03

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Expressing sensory experience and translate through light

Initial Proposal:

An experiment of using light as a medium to indicate sound/ social interaction.

The project is inspired by Mary Corse: A Survey In Light in its form and light quality. I first started brainstorming different senses that could be the most engaging in space beside visual, which I decided to focus on physicalize sound in space.

The idea is simple: A white canvas embedded with addressable LEDs hidden behind. The LEDs stays unlit until when there is user approaching to it, then it starts breathing gradually almost mimicking or even guiding the user's own breathe. However the LEDs breathes faster and more aggressively when it is approached by multiple users with noises like talking, footsteps etc.

Here are some early sketches of how I imagine this to be with different iterations and conditions:

Eventually this is how I visualized the project:

Revised Proposal:

An experiment of using light as a medium to express engagement.

Transitioning from the idea of only using LEDs and a white canvas to diffuse it, the project moves more towards creating a light effect that is not necessarily interactive but conceptually expresses the sense of engagement.

The project is composed of a set of objects repetitively, each object contains a rectangular transparent acrylic tube as the outside and a colored translucent acrylic tube as the inside with LED strips embedded. All the objects are organized in a way that the colors are mix-matched.

Some testing of using different colored lights shining through the same color acrylic.

Here are videos of the testing:

The idea is that when users engage within the space or with the piece, the sound/ talk/noise that occurs would lead to color changing of the LEDs and the light effect of mixing color from each module would be semi-controlled from the users and creating this mixtures of color that expresses the idea of engaging conceptually and literally. (But then after I rendered them out I realized how similar it looks like James' work...)