• Elvin Ou


The first assignment after a passionate and super inspiring introduction of pixels is to make a “physical” image using non traditional “pixels”, preferably physical or “analog” try to avoid using the computer.

Final product:

Through the process, I have came up with all sorts of thinking of how to present pixels physically and I have tried to find the best way to express my understanding of the pixel world. Eventually, I decided on using wooden cubes to be my "pixels" and started exploring different stages:

Stage1: the medium of the "pixels".

At the beginning I was mostly thinking about using some kind of flat material with color to represent or to "be" the pixels to a complete image until at one point it just came to my mind that I was actually giving a chance to creating something more than a 2D image since we are moving away from computer. From there, I decided I want to use a 3 dimensional material to be my pixels with not much color difference, which ended up with wooden cubes.

Stage2: the image of what the pixels are going to create.

After choosing the "pixels", then I needed to think about what to make out of them. An image? a representation of an image? Again, I was thinking about something flat.. Then I tried to move away and started thinking about objects and started putting my pixels together and using the shades of the color to create an image of my dog, which I failed terribly.

Stage3: 3 dimensional pixels creating 3 dimensional image

After trying out different ways of arranging them, with lights and shadows and all that, I realized it was really difficult to use limited amount of pixels to represent something that is personal. Then I decided on trying out building something iconic, something everyone would know even with very limited abstraction of the form - The Empire State Building

I was still trying to use the shades of the pixels to kind of represent the depth of the building structure until at one point I realized that I am holding an actual "brick", which I am able to actually build up depth in this pixel object. Eventually I added more layers to the piece and with the help of light, a very recognizable pixel piece is created.