• Elvin Ou

Use AfterEffects to create on-screen illusion

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I have ordered my new pc laptop, which has not arrived yet, so I have not been able to practice Unity since last week. I decided to experiment with after effects and see the possible ways video editing skills can help illustrating AR concepts.

The tutorial I have watched and followed is : Advanced 3D Light Rays in After Effects!

and How to Make Blotter Media Glowing Light Scribble Animation

I thought it was interesting that we discussed in class about the relationship between concepts and the implementation of it and how video editing could help illustrating AR concepts. From there I did some research in different kinds of ways using after effects to make different illusions. This tutorials I have follow teach you how to make basic 3d light effects that mostly focuses on paint on videos, radial fast blur, camera tracker and motion tracker

After trying it out, I definitely think using video editing programs can be extremely helpful when it comes to illustrating AR ideas and especially doing quick prototype presentations. Here are some sketches I did: