• Elvin Ou

Use Unity to make a basic video game

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

As the first task and experiment in AR, I decided to start with learning some basic functions in how to use Unity and how to make basic video game in Unity.

The tutorial I have watched and followed is : how to make a video game in unity

Instead of watching the tutorials and doing the exercise at the same time, I thought it was better to understand the whole process by watching all the tutorials first, take notes and then exercise on unity.

The first portion of the tutorials explains some of the basic elements in the inspector and how to alternate them, and then some of the body physics like rigidbody, (box) collider, mesh renderer and some hotkeys etc. From there, the main focus was on how to use C# to write new script for different player interactions/ response like how to add force by pressing different keys, what means to lose the game and scores etc. The tutorials were extremely clear about all the what, why and how so that I had a clear understanding of what was going on even though I have not used much of unity or C# before.

After finishing all the the tutorials, I started trying it on my own and it involved a lot of replay/ playback of the tutorials:

1. I first moved one of my sketchup model of my dog (french bulldog) into c4D to clean the mesh and connect them as one single object and then export them into Unity as my "player" figure.

2.Slowly following the tutorials, I put the player in action controlled by pressing keys and all that and it was quite satisfying making it move around.

3. Along the way of making everything in Unity, my computer was not having it....and kept poping out the window saying my application memory is full that I could not be able to keep editing, which really sucked. The result of this tutorial is that I guess I am buying a new laptop.