• Elvin Ou

Hourly Comic

Updated: Feb 11, 2019


The process of creating this hourly comic is quite straight forward. At the beginning I was trying to figure out which day I should pick to document or to create an hourly comic on. The reason why I decided to pick this specific day was that my family had just arrived in New York to visit me and I thought it would be fun to document it.

Since there is a 13-hour-long time difference from home, my entire family was so jet lagged that they all woke up so early and I was frustratingly awaken by them. Starting from there, I started writing down the highlight of each hour in my notes every hours until the end of the day.When I was creating the actual comic the day after, I was looking at the notes and trying to reimagine what happened during those documented hours. The choice of pov was literally because I had a really similar day just like the day before, being waken up super early, cooking food, walking dog and all that... so that the pov just came out naturally. In terms of the format and the style of the drawing, I chose to sketch it out with lines and perspective drawings since I have always been fond of sketching spaces in perspectives. When I was completing this whole creation of narration, I actually did not even think about who my audience would be, I guess it would be myself.