• Elvin Ou

First try

"What is physical computing ?" is still a question for me.

The introduction of the idea was first presented through formalizing it in class: the fantasy machine. From there my understanding of this class changed from nothing at all to kind of thinking it as it is related to products, what the product is for, how it is used and how it is built.

After the first class, I started reading the materials for the next class and I got even more confusing. All those terms, symbols and rules sounded so academic that I just couldn't process until I finally finished watching those instructing videos. Those videos were extremely helpful to understand and also visualize the subject.

Slowly picking up from what I've learned a long long time ago about the ohm's law, I eventually manage to understand how the whole thing works and started to read schematic diagrams properly. From there, I started my first try on applying the schematic on the breadboard. I spent a while trying to figure out what transmitter does and why we are using resisters tho..

Through the process of building the Arduino, I found it extremely important to follow the schematic diagrams step by step, and once you do follow it step by step, there is hardly any mistakes. After trying series and parallel circuit, I started to sketch out ideas of how this can actually apply in real product and how the switch can be altered in different ways

After sketching out ideas, I realized I have been sketching ideas more about how the light is used but not how the switch can be creatively made. Eventually I came up with the idea of using a pen as a switch and finally get the switch work after couple failed testings. YAY!