• Elvin Ou

Initial final proposal and final proposal

Initial ideas:

The initial idea was to create something purely audio/ visual based with jit.gl, mesh, particles, 3 dimensional space, responding to audios. However, I eventually decided to team up with Carol for the final proposal.

Initial Inspiration:

1. Using Kinect to live capture performer for visuals.

2. Visuals responding to audio, especially in the aspect of pacing and beats, for future narrative build up process.

3. Visuals using jit.gl, texture, repetition, scales, points and lines, particle systems, 3D mesh etc

4. Light and dark in physical space

Initial Process:

1. Initial video footage from processing

2. Testing how light with different color travel through fog,

3. Testing how light travels through reflection.

4. Testing with initial footage did in processing with projection in fog.

5. Particle and glitching test