• Elvin Ou

Final Process 02 - Iterations & play test

Updated: Nov 29, 2018


Continuing previous concept development, more thoughts was brought in when I talked to potential users. It was mostly focussing on the notion of accessibility in terms of height and the level of abstraction of the live light image. From there, I started thinking about ways of alternating the original design to accommodate heights. Eventually I decided to segmented smaller matrices offsetting after trying modeling multiple iterations with tilted height.

Screen play test:

I started testing out the live pixel image by connecting p5 with multiple sizes of screens (27", 58") to try to figure out the size of the grid, the size of each pixel and the clarification of the live image should be presented.

Eventually I decided on a 8" by 4 ' landscape matrix so that it could serve to capture the maximum horizontal body movement and at the same time still concealing some.

Projection play test:

After settling down with the idea, I gathered a list of questions I had and used project to do the play test with potential users:

- Dimension of the pixels,

- Dimension of the piece;

- Shape of the piece,

- Height of the piece,

- Abstraction of the Live image.

The play test was quite interesting and I had lots of suggestions in different directions: