• Elvin Ou

Final progress: Render Ghost

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Inspired by the article discussing about "Render ghost", I want to continue exploring avatar in the context of architectural visualization. The project is to put my self (my avatar) into the architectural rendering space and film with a sequence of alternative worlds with the avatar in it to explore the boundaries in the virtual world.

The film sequence will be mostly done in Unreal engine with the sequencer with animations of the avatar.

Story line:

1. A wide cinematic shot of the environment (the house and its surroundings).

2. Zooming into the house and slowly panning into the bedroom where the avatar is sleeping on the bed.

3. Transition to close-up shot of my face.

4. Turns dark

5. turns bright again, mimicking blinking my eyes in a first perspective to see the world

6. walking through the space with different post-processing in different areas,chaotic.

7. Use post production in video editing to give more of abstract twisted visuals

8. Turns dark

9. Transition to close-up shot of my face.

I will be using one of an architectural visualization I have been working on and here is a working in processing of what I have done so far:

For how I am going to create alternative visuals for the world/ post-processing :

Reading questions:

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