• Elvin Ou

Fabrication6 - Materials

Final product:


I decided to make a candle with concrete base since I am a big fan of candles and raw materials

Image of raw material:

- wax

- thread

- concrete mixer

- water bottles

Mid-process Images:

I started with following the instruction of putting concrete mixer with water in a ratio. From there, I found two plastic water bottles and cute them in half, one for mixing the concrete and the other half as the mold. After mixing the concrete and putting them into the mold I started chopping off wax into a pot and put in boiling water to heat up the wax.

After the concrete looked kind of dried, I put the thread in the center and poured the wax into the mold above the concrete base. So far, it looks really sketchy to be honest but I hope when it all dries out the final product is going to show the beauty of two different materials.

After hours of waiting, I cut the edge of the plastic mold and pulled the candles/concrete out of it. It looked great! The major point of this project was not so much about technique of building something, it was more about alternating materials in its formation.

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