• Elvin Ou

Fabrication3 - lasercut

Final product:


Inspired by a paper lamp I created in undergrad, I wanted to make a lamp that lasercut with layering pieces.


Image of raw material:

- plywood

- lamp base

- bulb

Mid-process Images (laser cut):

After sketching out the lamp I wanted to create, I started gathering the drawings for laser cutting, putting in materials and setting up the laser cut machine. I have actually used laser cut machine for the majority of the time when I was in undergrad building architectural models so I knew how weird and unstable/unexpected those machines can be. I first tested out on cardboards and it worked pretty fine until I used my actual material.

The first set up I used to test on the final material was not working at all, nothing was cut through or whatsoever. I tried again, changing the speed and then the power so many times until it finally cut through. The set up for different piece had some different results too, it was kind of a disaster.

It was the job 11 that I finally was able to cut all the pieces that I needed to completely assemble to be the lamp. Then I started putting them together without attaching to the lamp just to see if it works ok. The assembling was pretty easy since the laser cut out the "exact" shape I wanted. However, there are still pieces that fit pretty loose since the laser ate some fo the materials so that the joining part did work that well.

From there I took them part again and reassembled them onto the lamp base with a bulb and finished the assembly as a whole piece.


- Different laser cut machines work really differently in terms of accuracy

- For laser cut, different materials with different thickness has to be tested out multiples times to be able to get something cut, clean and not burned.

- Always consider the thickness of the part that is cut by the laser. Sometimes when you're trying to make something fit perfectly together, but they don't, cut the laser eats the material just like any other cutting tools

- Laser cutting can be very very limited in terms of what you can make out of it.

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