• Elvin Ou

Subtraction 3- CNC

The goal is to use the basics of Adobe Illustrator, and to mill basic parts using our desktop CNC the Othermill again

Final product:

Mid-process Images:

Hell of a process really, I did not get to actually create what I wanted initially.

Continuing from last assignment, the biggest limitation I realized the Ohtermill has is the size of the material. Keeping that in mind I had this thought about making more coasters with more complicated design. With the idea in mind of creating engravings on either sides of the coaster, i started tracing over a OP art pattern on illustrator. After finishing the drawing, I had my material, which is a 7-inch diameter 1/2 inch thick cork disc until I put the file into the bantam I realized that this time I picked the right thickness but I forgot to control the dimension of the material and also the fact that most of the design I wanted to do can not be done by 1/8 bits. How discouraging.

I spent lots of time trying to enlarge and change the pattern so that the 1/8 could cut it, but it did not work at all.. That was not the only difficulty I had, there was more. So I knew that my 7-inch diameter cork disco would not fit in the machine, so I went to blick and bought those wood dics and some plywood pannels. I thought I could continue with my initial idea from last week of creating a dice. My original plan was to cut out six rectangles with engravings on the 1/8" plywood pannels and then combine them together. However I forgot again, with the size of the dice I wanted to create, it was impossible for the 1/8 bit to do the job.

After trying so many times go back and forth with the design and different material with different size.. I eventually just decided to stick with the letter design and the coaster idea, which led to the final product of this assignment.. which is not exciting at all (I did know exactly how the Othermill works now tho, so that was a plus)... After this two weeks of experiencing with the othermill, I have realized that the limitation of it is really annoying.. Or I guess for this size of the machine, maybe more delicate and small scale projects are more suitable.