• Elvin Ou

Attempt to animate 4

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

For this week, we were introduced the idea of creating classes and using arrays to multiply much more than one object. What I initially wanted to do and failed doing for this week is to create a graphic that consist of points following a circle track, and once mousePressed, the number of points increases, the distance between each point is evenly distributed, and then all the points are connected in an order.

I totally failed in doing so, but there are some process work I did.

1. Continuing from the code I did last week, I added arrays and changed some of the variables. There are some results:

I changed the variables controlling the ellipse's radius combined with the alpha of the background to make it look like a 3D shape trapped in a diamond shape.

Having a set point and a point following an ellipse track and the arrays doing the rest.

2.Playing around with spiral.

Initially I was trying to create a circle that spirals out, and then a point follows the track of the circle. I can do either of these two task but I could not figure out how to combine them together to make it work.

3.Playing around with connecting points.

By having four points following a track of a circle and connecting them together, a cool graph is made lol

The four points equally distributed on a circle track and connected in an order, the alpha creates the illusion that the lines are forming two circles inside and out.

By moving the mouse, the mouseX controls the speed of the rotation and the mouseY controls the size of the form.