• Elvin Ou

Final project proposal

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

1. AR for Architectural design 1

Continuing with the former AR project and complete the final step of bringing the 360 video in-space component into it and revise the wireframe. The goal for this is to make it looks less than a demo more like an app.


2. AR for Architectural design 2

Continuing from the first version presenting architectural design with AR image target, I want to explore this time with 3D target and how that could add another physical layer in this AR experience.

I was thinking about some potential elements that could overlay in AR onto the physical space for architectural design:







-site map

-existing exterior

3. Elevator world

The idea is to create a site specific AR project, site as the elevator waiting area on the 4th floor. The plan is to model out the exact space of the evelator area and using the ten elevator doors as ten windows for potential story telling animations. When camera is looking at each elevator door, there will be an animation or some wort telling a story.