• Elvin Ou


Here is the process and problems I had morphing the 3D scanned model:

The resizing and rotating in Maya was pretty straightforward and the problems the model had was mostly cause by the initial scanning.

1. weird shapes caused by the clothing and shoes.

2. broken meshes?

When it is exported into mixamo, it was very obvious that the model shapes strangely that parts of the body deforms when it acts especially underarms.

Here are some gif:

Reading Response:

Before doing the readings for this week, I have never thought about the relationship between digital/virtual avatars/experience and gender. I always thought games and virtual world are fantasies that are created for people to escape from reality. I thought that none of the representation/ character in those gaming world has so much to do or effect on the player in the physical world.

Just like how we discussed about virtual rape/ crime. How do we perceive what is a crime and what is not in the context of different gaming world? There are games that are specifically designed for users to kill, there are games that are designed to be violent in every kinds of ways. What and where is the boundary? This time when it comes to gender, is it the market(targeted clients) that makes the developers making decisions or is it the developers making decisions for the market(the targeted clients)? I think there is a way bigger picture..