• Elvin Ou


For this weeks' assignment, I used two web based avatar creation platform:

Getavataaars and Avatarmaker

1. Getavataaars:

I did not have much to control over using the platform since the criteria that could be changed by me were very limited. I am not sure it is a good representation and there are some interesting aspects about the platform:

The experience of using this platforms starts with a page where you are given an already existing avatar that you have options to change over.

Then I immediately saw there was an option to create randomized avatars and thought it would be fun to try.

Looking through all the given options of what can be changed, the biggest surprise and difference/ difficulties I has was that all the options does not have a visual preview/icon , instead you have you click the option written in text to be able to see what it looks like.

In addition there was not much options in each of the categories in general. I assumed this avatar creation platform aims to create a more vague and abstract cartoonish avatar representation.

There other very interesting function this platform provides is to "build your personal products", which I found actually kind of smart. There was an option to download the avatar created as an PNG file, and a link to a page where you can have your avatar printed onto a shirt, a mug or a tote bag. Immediately, the avatar left the digital world and brought in to physical space.

2. Avatarmaker:

Compared to the first platform, I think I have a bit more control over the avatar and also a bit easier to use. I think it somehow represents me better in a cartoonish way. It is still cartoonish but less than the first platform.

Different from the first one, there was not given an existing avatar until you "choose a gender".

Then this default avatar popped out. I immediately saw the difference from the "Getavataaars", which is that you can see a list of previewed icon/ visual reference of what you are selecting.

Similarly, there was also an option to create randomized avatar and I just thought it was fun to see.

When I actually went into making an avatar for myself, I realized there was still very limited options within each category.

In conclusion, I think both of the avatar creation platforms do not aim to create an accurate representation of the user. Both of them have very limited selections within each facial feature category so that it is very difficult to create something personal. It was something very generic.